sam does 365

a project a day keeps the doctor away

Day 31: Fraggles
Magnets for a friend; down at Fraggle Rock!
Day 30: A Meadow
Birthday gift for a friend; quote from I Heart Huckabees. 
"Nothing! Everything! It’s beautiful…"
Day 29: With teeth
Day 28: See
Day 27: Bark
Late night doodle experiment. Sick and couldn’t sleep; stayed up watching wedding shows and colouring.
Day 26: Snow baby
Manic sketchbook on the streetcar last night; saw a little girl singing “ahhhAHHahhhhh” on Yonge st.
Day 25: Sea
Day 24: Pinheads
Love sweaters n’ bright patterns.  On a tangent, the wife beating men to death with a hammer in Hellraiser was much scarier than Pinhead himself. And silver doesn’t scan so well, eh.
Day 23: Cotton candy
Day 22: Snake ladies
Sketchbook pages. Love drawing naga and mermaids; love dem pointy teeth.